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CHEAT ENGINE 6.1 (search on google if you dont have) dont worry its safe and no virus . .


1. Go to Tetris Battle on 2p but dont click start yet . .

2. Open Cheat Engine 6.1 then click the Blinking tiny Computer. .

3. If you are using chrome click the first chrome.exe then open . . then tick the enable speed hack . . (when an errors come click ok then click the tiny computer again then choose the one at the top of the chrome.exe you chosen before then tick the enable speed hack again but dont press apply then when an error doesnt appear) But If you are using Firefox choose the plugincontainer.exe

4.Go back to tetris again and click start . . then if you got 1 ko put one on the value bar then click first scan . .

5. Then go back to tetris again then if you got 2 ko's put 2 then click next scan .

6. When you got 2 adresses or 1 adress . . double click the adress(es) then it must be on the bottom . .

7.right click on it then change record and value . . . change the value to 5 . . then press ok . .

8. You will automatically win . . either you got 1 ko or your enemy . . you still win . . DD

9. ENJOY . . !! hope i helped you . .

NOTE: i didnt leech this hack . . i hard worked on this hack . . just to help you . .
plsss dont forget to click thanks . . and comment . . D

wag magalit kung hndi gumagana . . just trying to help you guys . . .

[Cheat engine6.1]TETRIS BATTLE INSTANT K.O !! Boardadmin

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