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#1default A song to the doubtful Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:41 am


My lovers, my lovers
My victims and the rest
How indelicately passionated
I'm not to others best

Uncover, recover
A Shift behind a smirk
Smirk and small the difference between my wall and them

Relentless, victorious I'm never at the end
However there's a someone that ends up across the edge

There's Jaime she's rounded the place you'd like to see
Her husband seems to like, he can't fly as well as you can see

And Xandra, she's the red one
And the pink one and the blue
All the letters we have written
Made the bird come off the gloom

Josephine she was the first one or at least I can remind
She can preach and give a lecture
But for me a dress is fine

Not a spider, I wont keep them
I like butterflies and nests
I like jellyfish while growling
Hushing hoovers from the west

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