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My Own Story

I have lost my confidence
I have lost my all the hopes
I have lost me somewhere else
& I don't know where I am
Trying to find myself
Till I had wasted whole my life
With nothing done
I have just quit
I have just quit
I know I am gone
In an empty world
Where is nothing around myself
Except unhappiness
I have just quit
I have just quit
I have lost my aspiration
I have lost my mind
In an empty field or
In an empty ground
Where everything's going bad with me
All are just against me
They're teasing me all the time
I have just quit
I have just quit

I know I am loser
& I always quit.
I always leave thing incomplete
I waste all time to take a sleep.
My parents told me to wake up
To face against this harsh world
Even they know I am a loser &
Everything going bad &
I want to be glad
I want my confidence back
& I know one day will come
When I will win
Waiting for that day
I am sleeping in the bay
Till I am wasting all the time
With few glasses of wine
One day my parents came &
They give me strength to face this world
& then the day had come when I win
I had cross all bad things
Then I just thank my parents
To give me a such present
They give me the energy to fight against the world.

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