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#1default So be it Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:07 pm


So Be It

In 1998 Washington state passed a law
I-200 was its name and it ruined my life
It was supposed to help minorities get a better things
Instead it took mine away and made me what I am

Disabled for life

Now people want to say I am racist for my remarks
No not racist, I am angry at the way it was carried out
I was in second quarter of my preliminaries
When the law came to be and they refused to let me in

The little white girl said go to the back of the bus
As she laughed and thought she was funny
I was there because the Veterans Administration was retraining me
Removing me from a dangerous job they said would cripple me

I was forced to return to the work after refusal of enrollment
Because Minorities had first choice and child support was threatening me
I returned the said work and in April 1999 I fell and was left disabled
In a job I was not supposed to be in because I was to be retrained

My children and I have had to live at poverty level since
I lived on 200 dollars a month until Veterans disabled me
Try living in a trailer with black mold and leaks for 2 years
With no running water, At least my kids faired better

And then tell me you would not be angry
Tell me you would cherish that law
Tell me that you would forgive the state and all
Who laughed in my face, And I will call you a liar

That law ended in 2001 2 years too late for me.
Yeah Im angry, very angry If this makes me a racist then so be it So be it  2981382511

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