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#1default Letter Of An Ex Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:51 pm


Letter To An Ex

Why is this hurting?
Why is it all I can think about?
What am i supposed to do about it?
How do I rise above this?

I've been sitting around doing nothing but thinking about you with her
Damn, I know we're finished and I can accept that
But you've moved on and for some reason I can't handle it
It's driving me crazy coz I've had flings here and there
Where you've been true to me ‘till u met her (so you say)
I hate this feeling stirring in me coz it's as if I'm jealous
But I can't be coz I'm the one that called it quits
And it's not as if you were the world's best boyfriend
Or god's gift when we were fooling around in bed
But you were sweet and kind (when we talked)
And made me feel special when you were at the peak of your game

I'm letting go.... eventually
And you'll never know my mixed up emotions
Coz I don't want it to come in between our friendship
But I just want to scream at the top of my lungs until I lose my voice
I'm sad, angry, jealous and hurting like hell
The fact that I'm even feeling these makes me feel them all over again.

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