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#1default A piece of me Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:43 am


A piece of me

Open your eyes
And see the entity of lies
But it's just a piece of me

Hear my words
And drown in loneliness
But it's just a part of me

Take a turn
And recognize my face
But it's just a mask of me

Raise the sword
And draw the line
But it's just a layer of me

Break the glass
And cut by the shards
But it's just a fragment of me

Look to the mirror
And find the bright smile
But it's just a shadow of me

Pick the color
And paint your mind
But it's just a bit of me

Play the game
And try to provoke me
But it's just a voice of me

Light the fire
And burnt in madness
But it's just one side of me

Give your best offer
And show your kindness
But it's just one step to me

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