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#1default The One Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:14 am


The One

Though I try to stand by him,
All he sees is her figure slim.
Though I'd like to join his crowd,
Step into their animated cloud,
That is where I can't seem to belong.
What will become of my sweet love?
I fear he will not rise above.
Surrounded in his newfound fame,
I think he has forgotten my own name.
But do not worry, I am fine,
For I will get over this great pain in time.
My darling, please come back.
In my heart, I have found a large crack.
The bed feels much colder as I lay alone.
I feel empty as the icy winds are blown.
I see you, but you are with them, wrapped in your animated cloud.
My eyes are too dark to see the lightness that is not in me.
But I remember, what you said to her.
'Will we ever end up together? No, never forever.'
No, I think not.
It is plain to see... that you see the plain that is me.
But try as I may, our relationship won't last.
I will drown in the happiness of our memories passed.
I sense Tragedy's frozen touch,
and we are trapped in her terrorizing clutch.
No, I think not.
It's never to become...

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