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Retro Kids

our young faces
left sepia stains
on ivory paper

there were no flaws nor lines to draw
attention nor depress

just shiney hue cheeks which glowed
The purple garish dress

eyes did glint
though there was a hint
of apprehension in our smiles
a missing tooth displayed our youth
orange and umber whiles

wirehaired bodger (dog)
our much loved lodger
who raced with all us kids
came christmas carolling to inrease our treasure
as cash flowed in split lids

potatoe pie
with the chicken bits shy
we would play, spot the chunk of meat
chafing elastic to hold grey socks
ill fitting shoes to beat

hoola hoops, canakers
arms, embraced your bestest friend
knock on doors as mother asked
have you some sugar you can lend?

T rex blast on radiogramme
and the old grey whistle test
cheap lemonade and icecream vans
the seventies were the best

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