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far away, i hear a play, it sounds so pure but it makes you sour
maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, or maybe you just wanna feel among
overthere, i see a mere shadow of glare staring at her
you see the fear, of not wanting to appear, hideout, is the exil of the lost dear
confidance, or different directions, maybe it's the silence or the long lasting loneliness
therefore, evermore, maybe nothing is sure, maybe no one is aware or maybe they just don't care
hereby, i hear a cry, i see a blur picture, i feel a kind gesture
i smell a lie, i touch the truth, it seems too far, it feels so close
something's missing, or maybe everything's hidden.
furthermore, ever before, trust was secure, people were mature.
before the invasion of betrial and the appearance of denial.
a voice was heard, it was scared and absurd, to the darkness it was lured
maybe the path wasn't secured, or probably it led to a different road
maybe this is the truth, or maybe we need a proof, either way, nothing is sure, coz no one is aware, or maybe they just don't care.

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