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Board Admin
Enter Ninja Saga [play ninja saga]
Open Cheat Engine
Select browser in the process list. (plugin-container.exe for firefox, 3rd chrome.exe for chrome)
Scan the amount of COINS you have
Only 1 address should be found. The address should end with xxxxx58)
Double click the address and edit the address.
Change xxxx58 to xxxxx8C (8C is for agility, for the complete list of address, scroll to the bottom of this post)
Change the value to 255.
Now you will have max agility.
For more addresses:

xxxxx8c - Wind, Dodge and Agility Hack[Max 255]
xxxxx88 - Water and Chakra Hack [max:64655]
xxxxx84 - Fire and Damage Hack [max:64655]
xxxxx90 - Earth and HP Hack [max:64655]
xxxxx94 - Lightning and Hack Critical [max:64655]

Working po ito
na try and test

FeedBack lng guyz At press tnx...

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