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#1default Live With Myself Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:41 pm


Live with myself

Suddenly meaning fell into one of the black holes
in my mind, suddenly numbers had no meaning
and I thought 11: 30 meant 12: 30 and ran from
the office, ready for my free afternoon - just to
discover it was still an hour before I could go

Slinked back, not much chastised though, actually
quite glad to for evidence to substantiate my claim
time is sucked into a black hole in my mind from
time to time, my colleagues did not even blink
confronted with my antics

Great to work with them, other people like me are
scary - I am scary too; I feel safe among those who
are normal, although it is difficult to fit in, only at
home I practice my accents and burst into song
by now I know it is never done

By anyone claiming to be a sane human being, except
by well-paid artists and true eccentrics; as I am none
of these, just a government official - have mercy on
my poor victims and most important, pity me - who
has to live with myself!

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