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#1default Damsel in Distress Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:32 am


I wanna live, I wanna die
I wanna laugh, but I only cry
A thousand nights, a thousand tears
I wish it would stop, it's gone on for years
A million nights, a million fears
how long will it be before somebody hears?

I'm screaming for help
I'm screaming for love
For someone to cherish me
To be free like a dove
I cannot express the confusion that I feel;
Why is no one paying attention, do I first have to kneel?

I wish it would stop torturing me,
The lethal monster that kept me in captivity,
I have nowhere left to run and nowhere to hide
Sometimes I think, why can't I just die?

I can no longer bear this suffering and torment
Someone knock down this prison, please hear thy lament.
Slain the beast, free me from misery
Lift me from the curse, that's consuming every part of my sanity

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