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#1default Tetris Battle Hack (BETA RELEASE) Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:03 am


Hi to all members of Pinoy HUnters alam ko eto hinihintay nyo ang cheat sa tetris battle tama ba so ito na just follow the steps carefully

~Unlimited Armor
~Unlimited Energy [Just Click The Energy Bag, You Can See It Up... When Playing Tetris With An Icon Of A Lightning, Then Click Collect Bonus]
~Fully Upgraded Tunning

1. Download This
2. Open New Tetris Hacks.rar
3. Drag It All To Your Desktop
4. Open Fiddler2Setup(Installer)
5. Install it....
6. When Done, Restart Google Chrome
7. Go Back To Desktop And Open Fiddler.exe
8. Go To The AutoResponder Tab, Check Enable Automatic Responses And Unmatched Requests Passthrough
9. Go Back To Desktop And Grab init and complete to Fiddler
10. Open Google Chrome and Clear Cache
11. Then Login Facebook, Play Tetris and Have Fun.

How To Clear Cache
*Open Google Chrome
*Look At The Upper Right Of It
*You'll See Wrench There
*Click It
*Click Options
*You'll See Now The Settings
*Look At The Left Side And Click Under The Hood
*At The Top Middle, Click Clear Browsing Data
*Check All And Click Clear Browsing Data..
Your Finished

Not Working?...
Follow This Steps..
*Log-in Facebook
*Look At The Upper Right Of Your Facebook
*You'll See an Arrow At The Right Side OF the "Home" Button
*Click It
*Click Account Settings
*Your Now On THe Acc. Sett.
*Look at the Left Side And Click Security
*At The Middle You'll See "Secure Browsing"
*Click It
*Uncheck the box saying "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible"
*Then click the button "Save Changes"
*Then Go Back to The Steps And Follow Step 6 to 11 again...

Goodluck happy hacking

Tetris Battle Hack (BETA RELEASE) Blackgird
Tetris Battle Hack (BETA RELEASE) ThxssJOHNZKI Tetris Battle Hack (BETA RELEASE) Thxss

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