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#1default Bar Of Class Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:41 pm


Bar of Glass

The closer to her I come
The more she pushed me away
And when I ask her
What have I done?
Just don't touch me
I ask …. what is my sin?
She can't find anything to say
I have to stay still
Will I come closer or do I
Have to go away?
deeply I start to think then
if she really feels me
now doubts have begun
to destroy all sweet feelings inside me
maybe her love has gone
it is just night talk, melted with the appearance of the sun
my heart..a loveless bar of glass, at high roof, looked at the floor,
thought she wants to give him a hug
without thinking, with arms open, he started to quickly fall down
to hug her in return
what a shock! The hug! Was just a trick!
Into little sharp pieces, , , , , he smaaashed
Bare feet, on it I waked, heavily bleed, all my blood I wish I have lost
That blood, her love, by my silly hart for years, was pumped
That from each other, they can't be distinguished

So much pain, but I have never complained
My reddish blood, with the white shiny glass, like poisonous purple rose they looked
Looking nice like her face
killing like her deeds

after time, my blood was washed away by rain
to farms it was taken
to feed the fields of jasmine
and I started to adapt to live with my pain
no need for heart, no intention to love again

after long time, finding my door knock, went to open it, got shocked
to find her
sitting on the floor
oh! what a twin! The floor smashed my bar of glass, and the one smashed my heart
opening her arms, asking for a hug!
She didn't know that, she doesn't need to make this trick! I'm already smashed
She said, she wants to be
Back to me
I said, it is okay
My pain, I can forget
Your sins, I can forgive
But two things still you have to give

Get me back every blood drop
I have lost
And you have to fix
My smashed
Bar of glass

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