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In Life, In Death

The decades come, the decades go,
Events like blurs fly by
And tracking us, each day we know,
Death makes us hear him sigh...
He won't give up while we still breathe,
He hates the good we do,
Yet loves it when we're forced to grieve,
Though we may battle through...

By faith, yes, faith and faith alone,
This pilgrim soul endures,
Though now it lives here on its own,
This saved soul still adores...
Despite the pain and suffering
That old age brings in spades,
This sacred soul's recovering,
For God's love never fades...

In life, in death, this soul persists,
Rejecting doubts and fears,
Selecting truths, faith still exists,
Despite the lonely years...
How could you know the things I've seen,
The things these ears have heard,
The good and bad and in-between,
The kind and callous word?

But know this now, while Death still haunts,
Eternal life is mine...
Regardless of the way Death taunts,
Its powers I decline...
I'll live this life, God's gracious gift,
Defiant to the end!
Till God gives my saved soul a lift
To meet the Sinners' Friend...

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