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Are you looking for a free OpenVPN? is offering free VPN service. Private Tunnel is a full-featured Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementation built on OpenVPN technology. All data between your computer and Private Tunnel server is encrypted after connecting to the Private Tunnel VPN server. For free users, the daily bandwidth limit is 100MB. You can buy more bandwidth if you want to use Private Tunnel to watch online videos.

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Sign Up a Private Tunnel Account
1. Go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and sign up with your email address.
2. You will receive an activation email in the email account you used to sign up. Click on the activation link in that email.
3. You will be taken to the User Portal Page.
Using Private Tunnel – For VPN New Users
1. First login your account at
2. At the top of the “Portal Page” you will see an orange “Connect” button. Click on the button.
3. You will be sent to the OpenVPN Access Server, where you will be asked again for your email and password.
4. After you provide the correct credentials, you will be given a link to download the OpenVPN Connect client (you should be given the correct version either for Windows or Mac OSX).
5. Download the file (.msi for Windows, .dmg for Mac) and then run the downloaded file to install OpenVPN Connect.
6. After it installs the page will change to the “Connecting…” screen. Wait until the center of the OpenVPN Connect icon turns green.
7. Congratulations! At this point you are now connected to the Internet through Private Tunnel, and your browsing and other network traffic is now encrypted, hidden and protected.

Using Private Tunnel – For VPN Advanced Users
1. Download and install OpenVPN on your machine.
2. Login your account at
3. Click “My Account”.
4. Enter your account password and download Private Tunnel OpenVPN config file. Save the config file in your OpenVPN program config file folder.
5. Run OpenVPN and connect to Private Tunnel VPN server.

NOTE: Pag nakuha nyo na po ang openvpn config nyo edit nyo po search nyo po ung nobind at change po natin sa lport 53

Sory kung walang SS pulot ko lang to gusto ko lang i share

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